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Why In Current Time Instagram Stories are important?

Social media is full of benefits when it comes to business usage. There are many people who are using Instagram to run their businesses and the reason is very simple. Social media platforms are helping businesses to connect with their audience and potential customers. People are able to reach their clients with ease and that’s what makes social media platforms an ideal place to promote your businesses.

If you are missing out on social media then you are missing out on a lot of people who would be interested in your products and service, the only problem that every brand faces is the exposure. How to give the brand a huge exposure? A platform where there are millions of people it becomes really easy to promote your brand and social media is the one and the right choice for that purpose. There are so many people who might get interested in your products or services after getting to know their existence and that’s why social media is crucial. If you are thinking of choosing a good social media platform then there are several things you need to take care of in order to get the best results. Know where you will find your target audience and what kind of content you want to spread and based on that make your choice.

Instagram is one of the finest and most platforms in the world. You will rarely run into a person who doesn’t have an Instagram account and that is because it is loved by everyone. All of us like to spend our time on Instagram that’s why businesses have so much benefit out of it as they get a huge number of audiences in front of whom they can promote their businesses. There are so many features that could be highly useful for the business owners and one of such features is Instagram stories. This feature lets you click and post (or directly post) your content on Instagram in a slideshow format. It stays on the platform for 24 hours and is helping many businesses to gain a lot of profit.

Today we are here to tell you how you as a business owner can get a lot of profit just by using this amazing feature of Instagram stories.

The Growth of Stories

Since the time it was introduced in 2016, Instagram stories have been growing. Every day more and more people are using this feature. According to a survey of January 2019, there are nearly 500MM people who use Instagram stories on a daily basis which is almost half of Instagram’s 1 billion total users. In fact, you would be surprised to know that in January, Instagram has had a 100MM user increase in just six months since their 400MM daily user tally in June 2018. If you are wondering if Instagram stories are in trend or people really like this feature, then you have your answer. It is not we, but these stats are showing how heavy people like the feature of Instagram stories.

Watch-Time Is Getting Higher

We told you that usage of the story feature has increased and has been increasing ever since but this is not this only thing that has grown as watch-time is also on the list. Watch time has increased over the year up to 80 percent which is huge. In addition to this, the number of videos shared is up 4x. This shows that video content is dominating Instagram and it is nothing to be surprised of. These days people don’t have enough time to decode the message through written caption and image as video content is easier to understand. Brands are using video content to a larger extent and it is helping them to get a lot of attention. Brands are using video content on stories resulting in more online engagement on their Instagram profile. If you are a business owner then you have a big platform to post amazing video content.

New Gen and Millennial’s on Instagram Stories

Instagram is very diverse when it comes to age groups. From young people to older ones, Instagram has people of all ages. Most of the brands like to target young or young adult people because of many reasons like they are easy to convince etc. Instagram story is a feature that is used by millennials and that’s why it is a perfect feature through which you can target millennials. Most of the people who are on Instagram are new gen people and they love to use story features both for posting as well as watching content. That’s how you can catch the attention of young people to popularize your brand.

Story tools to increase engagement

Instagram stories are a perfect element of Instagram to increase engagement on the profile. You can do so much with stories along. There are many things and let us tell you some of the basic ones. The first thing is to make videos or take pictures to post them online. You would love to know that there are many filters that you can use to capture amazing content. There are many types of videos that you can create like freestyle or boomerang. The other amazing thing we like to tell you is that you can use your tools of the story like Gifs, and polls and etc. Using tools like Polls or “ask me a question” tool is a great way to make people engage in online activity with your brand.

There are many other tools also that you can use to enhance the experience of using Instagram like MoveInsta through which you can download Instagram photos online. And not just images but this will also allow you to do Instagram stories download. You can use this tool to download pictures and storiesig by visiting https://moveinsta.com/. If you are a business owner then it is very important to get the help of Instagram and the benefit of this social media platform is not limited to its stories as there are many other advantages that you can experience.