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Understand Your Best Options in Soccer Mania

Our home soccer is the most populous sport, with the highest number of certified athletes in this sector, some 300,000. Everyone is included in this issue from the youngest to the old boys. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, so obviously it is where most of the money goes (in competition with some other sports. As you go for the man utd vs spurs tickets you should know the best there.

In other countries of the world, soccer spectators are huge spectators, huge advertising money. In our country, too, large amounts of advertising money and TV royalties, as well as significant state and sponsorship subsidies, take place at soccer events, with very few and unfortunately falling spectators. The quality of the championships continues to be poor, with the clubs spending their money on second-to-third players instead of domestic youth. Today soccer consists of playful education and sales, rather than systematic, patient, non-juvenile professional work. That is why 40 years have not been a significant achievement in soccer.

  • Our cup teams are outdone in early international matches at the start of the match. No accountability, just pouring money into soccer and waiting for results almost hopelessly. Reforms are being talked about, but so far it does not appear. Promises, loud statements in the media about change, progress, but just blank words. Based on his results, soccer has been around the 40th place for years, and we still play in the shadow of a nymph created by the experts. It’s just a play, not a soccer.
  • Today, soccer is an economic activity, not just a sport. The fact that many artificial turf pitches have been built in recent years and the number of players has increased is commendable, but the coaches’ skill is reflected in the results. In my opinion, it is not necessary to bring reputable trainers to adult teams, but rather to spend these very high amounts on foreign coaches to be used in junior education. It is good that soccer academies are developing in succession, but their effectiveness is questionable. Namely, domestic trainers (who do not qualify even at the adult level) teach here. 10 to 15 foreign professionals would be hired and given 5 years without the compulsion of results, only to be expected to receive professional training, while being able to teach their approach to domestic emerging coaches.

Either there is a breakthrough, complete training transformation, or we stay at the occasional partial success, which is a category of losing sight from every start of the new season and to the international cup, respectively. We are expecting a miracle for the national team qualifying series while keeping everything intact, teams featuring young players can get more support.

To support the above, some facts about soccer:

According to figures from a renowned sports economist, the market value of Hungarian soccer players playing abroad has fallen by 48 percent. In a few years which can be considered an alarm bell. It is also telling that, according to surveys, half of the 30-40 year olds are not at all interested in soccer.

94% of Soccer Academy graduates about 400 kids will not be NB I soccerers by the age of 21, and only 25 of them will live on soccer. This number also indicates the unsustainable nature of training.

In the soccer season, the average attendance of first-class matches was just 3050, which hasn’t increased significantly since then. Even more alarmingly, the popularity of domestic soccer is declining, with a 72% social rejection.