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The Best of Theme Authority for You Now

What is the best WordPress theme? This is a question that is almost impossible to answer. In fact, there isn’t really a better WordPress theme in absolute terms. The best theme will probably be the one that you like visually, that meets your needs in terms of functionality, and that fits into your budget. We advise you to also take into account the other recommendations of the rest of this article to make your choice. For the Theme Authority this is important.

However, to help you find your way among the thousands of themes available and choose the best theme for your site or blog, here is a selection of the most popular WordPress themes, all of which are very good potential choices for your site or blog.


Divi is a very complete reference theme, developed by Elegant Themes. Very easy to use and personalize with its integrated editor which allows you to design your pages via an intuitive drag and drop builder.


Avada is another very complete reference theme, the best seller on ThemeForest. Avada also offers a drag and drop system to easily create your pages according to your needs. Avada is also customizable at will. Perhaps too much, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the range of possible customization choices. It’s a very good choice, all the same, very elegant.

X Theme

Another very popular theme of ThemeForest, X Theme is distinguished by the many extensions provided with the theme that will allow you to easily add a lot of features. X Theme also has a page builder by the drag-and-drop system, called Cornerstone.


Another heavyweight of ThemeForest, the particularity of Enfold lies in the many templates sold with the theme. So, whether you need to make a site for a restaurant, a hotel, a spa, a travel blog, a gym, a consulting firm (the list is still very long), Enfold offers you a pre-designed, which will be an ideal starting point if you want to design your site quickly.


Schema is one of MyThemeShop’s bestsellers, and also one of their top-rated themes. His creed? The rapidity. The theme was developed to be as fast as possible, and as best as possible for the search engines. The loading speed being one of the many criteria taken into account by Google for the referencing of a site, it is a key aspect that must be taken into account when choosing a theme.


Newspaper is a great theme for a blog, online newspaper or online magazine. It is very graphic, offers integration of YouTube videos, offers a rating system for articles, and easily interfaces with different forum solutions. It also makes monetization through advertising easier.


Like Enfold, BeTheme offers more than 200 pre-designed sites, which you can activate in a few clicks (some are quite surprising, by the way). BeTheme is, therefore, a very good choice of theme to quickly have a good base adapted to your project, from which you can build your own site.


NewsPaper, developed by My Theme Shop not to be confused with the other Newspaper theme, available on ThemeForest, is a very good theme for a blog or online magazine publishing a lot of articles and offering a lot of content. It offers many features to provide the best possible experience for your visitors.