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Symbiosis with the visual arts

Wildlife photography is a kind of photography genre. It was developed fieldcraft skills. A person who handled the creativity of some ideas about the art of nature is known as photography. Wildlife photography is not an easy job, it is a difficult approach to make predict the animal’s behavior due to camera capture. In ancient days, photography was intricate work because of lack of equipment like lenses,  shutter, mirror and focus light.

About the Sean Higgin:

Sean Higgin is a young boy,  20 years old. He was a passionate photographer and he joined the freelance fashion and dance photographer. At the age of 17, saen higgins starts a photography career with dance backgrounds. He took the picture for some models.

Best camera:

Every photographer needs a good quality of the camera.  Below the best camera’ s name

  • Canon Eos 7D Mark II Digital SLR
  • Sony a91142.4 MP Digital SRL camera
  • Nikon D7200DX – format Digital SLR
  • Canon Eos 5D Mark IV full-frame digital SLR

Photography is the art, it reflects the mirror of life. Photography creates some electromagnetic radiation,  image sensor, and light-sensitive material.  It is used in the film industry also. In photography has the best feeling apart from the world that is communication. We can see in detail below the paragraph.

Varieties of photography:

photography has a different view of one object. Example: A photographer takes an apple and fixed in the stand. Then he took a different angle of the object. But he took the same object but different angles likewise, photography may be the same but the photographer makes a variety of idea and they can have their own identity.

  • Nature photography
  • Man-made photography
  • People photography

Nature photograph has some subdivision they are wildlife,  landscapes,  underwater, Aerial photographs,  macro and scientific, etc.

Wildlife  – wildlife photography is focused on animal’ s life and behavior. He still waiting for the exact moment of good images.

Landscapes  – landscapes photography also called environmental photography or scenic. The dependent photographer wants to grab the viewers. They felt that amazing view of images of photography.

Underwater –  underwater photography needs a waterproof camera and some effective lighting techniques. They must wait for the right location for it.

Man-made Objects

It based on human life products like food, view of life and product photography. Below the explanations :

Food–Food photography based on advertisements,  books or documentaries. It gives an output of results,  view of the photographer’s capture.

View of life – people are making interesting themselves so they automatically went to the studio to took the pictures or else they took with a mobile phone.

Products photography-  It is a man-made object like clothes, shoes, bags, wallets, etc. It mainly focuses on objects of quality.

People photography :

Based on fashion, wedding and travel photography.

Wedding –  One of the most precious moments of people’s life.  So every photographer makes someone’s life happy with their picturesque memories.

Fashion  –  This is mainly used for attractive audience and make more advertising picture

Travel –  It is a collection of photography captures. Even photography connects with the two hearts without knowing the above selves, among the travel.