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Smart Options for the 3D Printing Process

3D printing of small parts is a reality already established among technology practitioners, which began with this application. The great advancement of this type of 3D printing is both the increased print area and the improvements in frame strength and print speed. With the use of the sync innovation for 3D, you can expect the best now.

Additive manufacturing technology enables 3D printing of small parts, provided proper care is taken to maintain print quality. Cautions range from worrying about print speed to the final size of the object, as well as nozzle size and print table size. Do you want to know more about the tips to ensure quality in 3D printing of small parts? Keep reading this post.

Tips for Success in Small Part 3D Printing

3D printing of small parts is one of the major uses of additive manufacturing and is responsible for the start of technology. The part can already be created thinking about this type of 3D printing or can be adapted from the specific software for this type of application, and in all cases, it is necessary to study and understand the process as a whole. Taking into account all points of attention for 3D printing in general, in small parts 3D printing there are a few more points of attention to ensure quality and efficiency throughout the process.

Beware of print speed

In 3D printing of small parts, speed is not synonymous with quality. To achieve the desired success in this type of application, you must be aware of the correct speed both in filament extrusion and in moving the extruder nozzle through the printing area. An important point is that slow speeds are also not a direct synonym for higher quality 3D printing of small parts. The lower the speed, the extruder nozzle will stay longer in the same region. This can ensure that the layers are deposited correctly as long as the velocity does not influence the temperature of the region and impact the cooling of the area causing the part to deform.

Make full use of the printing table

This tip is very important for 3D printing of small parts and shows the importance of printing more than one small object at a time on the printing table. The explanation for this tip is integrated with the previous tip when there is only one piece on the printing table the hot nozzle will stay longer over one region, making it difficult for the layers to cool and the material to make the right shape.

If the material is hot for a long time, there is a risk of bubbles and small surface finish failures. By placing more than one piece on the same printing table, the extruder nozzle will travel the print area longer, greatly improving the final finish. You can also print a sacrificial tower, which positioned away from your part, will also help increase the cooling time.

The problem with this tip is the possible loss of material when using the 3D printer to manufacture only one part. Understanding the risks and producing more than one piece on the table can make sure that all the work done is not lost. Understanding the risks and producing more than one piece on the table can make sure that all the work done is not lost.