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Rules for promoting the channel in “Telegram”

Anyone creates content whatever its original purpose wants to promote its project. give it publicity and public recognition. Users who create strings hereinafter referred to as public in the Telegram are no exception. Unfortunately, there is no 100% work algorithm that will make your intellectual brain a star.

It is important to understand the difference between a large number of subscribers and readers and high-quality content with loyal users. There are countless “success recipes from scratch” on the Internet, some converge, others not, but there is a nuance that can be found absolutely everywhere: it is the right choice of subject. As you can buy telegram members ico you can come up with the best results now.

The key is to choose the right topic of the created resource.

You should not approach a field or area of ​​activity that you do not understand, regardless of their popularity and demand. You must really understand what you are writing. Simply copying (plagiarism) documents from third-party resources will not do anything well, if not criticism.

Create a unique name, slogan, external style

This is integral to success. Your project must be unique. Do not be afraid to spend time creating your own unique external style, if you do not have the necessary knowledge, but there are financial resources, contact the professionals.

Do not try in the first days to try to make money on the channel

If subscribers think it’s just a way to make money, you’ll never have a loyal and productive audience. Gradually enter the monetization of your project, without wasting tons of advertising – this will scare the entire audience with a 100% probability.

Always be ready to receive comments from subscribers and potential partners.

Promote the project do not catch the star disease. Give subscribers the opportunity to formulate their recommendations, which will enable them to feel their importance and role in the fate of their favorite audience. Respect dialogues with respect if possible refer to You. Polite communication did not hurt anyone.

Do not refuse offers of cooperation.

Of course, you should not rush on all offers, as the return on channels offering crazy ideas will be minimal and could result in the loss of subscribers. If the offer comes from a good resource similar to the one you have on the subject, mutual advertising will benefit all parties to the agreement. A mutual advertising agreement will help attract readers and keep them in the future. Promote your resource on social networks, of course, without spam, but as an interesting offer for like-minded people. This is more likely to help promote and attract a significant number of subscribers.

Prepare to spend time

Public promotion in Telegram does not take five minutes. If you are neither a journalist nor a celebrity, whatever the quality content provided, you will need time to recruit an audience. Prepare to devote it without letting the development take its course. Remember: it takes time to promote your projects to the masses, and this applies to all online and offline resources.

One at a time

You should not run multiple projects at once, even if you have different ideas and preferences, you can only promote one channel at a time. If you are constantly switching from one resource to another, one of them, no matter how hard you try, will be ignored.