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Make Sure for the best Partner Program Now

If for example in your country you cannot use PayPal, see if that affiliate program has other payment methods such as bank transfer, check, Payoneer, or other types that do apply where you live. Virtually all affiliate programs have a frequently asked questions section where they indicate the collection methods they have available. The quora partner program tops them all now.

But if you don’t find this information there, you can always send them a message through the contact form or an email to ask them directly.

What is the minimum amount to collect?

This is one of the most common reasons why people who are new to affiliate marketing give up too soon. Unlike other methods to earn money online such as paid surveys, where the minimum to withdraw your money is usually only $ 5, on affiliate platforms that amount is usually $ 50.

  • There are some exceptions, but usually, these sites force you to reach $ 50 before you can withdraw your money. If you have not reached that amount, you will not be paid.
  • The problem is that many bloggers forget to look at this, and when they have worked hard to promote certain products, but cannot collect their profits, they feel cheated and give up.
  • This is not the fault of the platform: it is theirs for not having looked well at the conditions to withdraw that income.
  • For that reason, you should check the minimum payment before choosing an affiliate program.

If you think it’s too high for you (for example, starting at $ 150), and you won’t be able to reach that amount easily, forget about it, and look for another platform that has a lower amount.

Choose an affiliate program

What do other users of that affiliate program think?

There are people who will tell you very negatively about affiliate programs, and it is simply because there are platforms of this type that are only dedicated to deceiving their users. Many new affiliate sites promise to give you large commissions demanding very little in return; But the problem is that when you want to collect your earnings, you will not be paid.

You must be careful, because in the affiliate programs there are also scams, and there will be companies that just want to take advantage of you.

Therefore, your job is to look at what opinions other people who have used these sites have on these platforms and verify their reputation on the Internet through forums or blogs where they talk about them.

Choose an affiliate program

If you want to be safe and prefer not to play it, here is a list of affiliate programs that have been in the market for a long time, and that is completely safe:

  • Shareasale (in English)
  • Commission Junction (in Spanish)
  • Clickbank (Spanish)
  • Amazon Affiliates (Spanish)
  • Rakuten (Spanish)
  • Affiliate Window (Spanish)
  • Trade Doubler (Spanish)
  • Alibaba Affiliates (English)
  • Aliexpress Affiliates (Spanish)
  • iTunes Affiliates (Spanish)
  • eBay Partner Network (Spanish)
  • MercadoSocio (MercadoLibre affiliate program, Spanish)

Simply by typing in Google the name of the affiliate program above you want, the link will appear to go directly to the page where you register.