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How Sports Build Up the Person Perfectly

Sport makes a significant contribution to health, integration, violence prevention, and identification with the community, thereby fulfilling important health and socio-political task. Attractive sports offers make a significant contribution to the quality of life and the loyalty of residents and businesses. Sport is an important location factor.

The central goal of sports policy is the preservation of attractive conditions for sport as a socio-political cross-cutting task. This is done on the one hand by the participation in the design of the legal foundations of sports promotion, on the other hand by the fact that the sports office understands itself as a service center, which also practically supports the sport by providing public services. Why 먹튀신고 is essential there.

The importance of sport in adolescence

In a phase of transformation like adolescence, sport is very important. The expert showed us all the physical, but above all, mental benefits.

The sport practiced during childhood and adolescence is so important that it can reduce the risk of contracting some diseases in adulthood, such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease. This is the result of a research conducted which has shown how to practice a sport from the first years of life is crucial to prevent a cognitive deficit. And yet, more and more young people who, for reasons of study or simply due to boredom and mental laziness, decide to abandon the physical activity.

The importance of physical activity in adolescence

Sport, besides being important for the healthy and harmonious development of the body, is fundamental because it promotes cognitive, emotional, and social growth. In this period of life, so rich in physical and non-physical changes, practicing sports makes you more aware of your new body identity.

Furthermore, by learning the importance of commitment, respect for rules and tolerance, young people measure themselves against their own abilities and with others.

The educational potential

Sporting activity helps adolescents to channel aggressive instincts in a socially accepted way, to be responsible, to take initiatives, to socialize and cooperate. Furthermore, he teaches how to think and be proactive. The great educational potential of sport is truly great, which, like family and school, conveys values, principles, and life experiences. It is very important baggage because it helps to shape the personality.

There is always a motivation to choose a sport

One of the main reasons is the desire that the boys have to get noticed by others: the practice of a sport, in fact, could make them popular and important. Added to this is the desire to take pleasure from the challenges and experience something in which we feel or are good at.

Moreover, from the age of 13/14, boys begin to be aware that physical fitness and skills are important factors: they have fun doing exercises and games.

The benefits: from physical to mental well-being

Furthermore, teenagers who practice sport are safer, because sporting practice improves esteem and movement serves to control emotions and fight stress: they can thus release tensions, anxiety, and fatigue deriving from school and study.

And for parents

We need to support and encourage children, avoiding too high expectations and exaggerated pressures, using constructive criticism, and always trying to gratify them for their successes.