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Everything You Need To Know About Sous Vide And Crock Pots

Have you ever wondered how restaurants are able to get the same quality and taste every time you eat there? Let me introduce you to sous vide cooker . Using them you are able to control the temperature and duration of how long you want to cook the food. Now you can cook restaurant-style food at your home. And with the various affordable options of these cookers available currently, there is no reason why you can’t have them. There are also crock pot cookers which allow you to cook your food for very long durations at low temperatures. These are generally inexpensive cookers and are being used for a few decades now in American households. You can cook a wide variety of food for them.

Which cooker should you choose?

Most of the people get stuck on which cooker they should go with. It all comes down to what purpose you need the cooker for. Whether you want your food to be cooked properly and evenly if you are low on a budget if you want to control the temperature precisely if you want the food to taste the same every time or if you want minimal wastage of food. Both cookers have different features.

In Sous vide cooking you can control the temperature as per your needs and you can also control the duration of your cooking time. If you don’t like staying with your food the entire period of cooking then these cookers are best as they hold the temperature of the water once it reaches your set degree. So, you don’t have to worry about your food during the cooking process. Also, this cooking method is safe for those people who have low immunity.

Crock Pots are thick containers that are heated from the bottom and allow the food to be heated from around the container. This cooking method allows you to maintain the moisture and nutrients of your food which is very important when it comes to eating healthy food. Also, there’s less chance of the food getting burned due to them being cooked at very low temperatures. You also have the option to cook various foods in these pots and are not limited to a few food items.

What is the cooking method?

In a Sous vide machine the food is sealed in a plastic bag or glass jar and dipped in water. This method allows every part of the food to be cooked properly. Whereas in Crock Pots the food is cooked for a longer period of time at low temperatures. The pots are generally thick and you can go out for a day while the food is being cooked inside the pot. Also, you don’t have to worry about the food getting burned as the food is cooked at very low temperatures.

Both the methods of cooking are famous for different reasons and you should choose as per your needs. If you are Ok with slightly different tastes every time you cook then you can go with crockpots as they are a bit cheaper in comparison to sous vide. While if the price isn’t an issue then you can choose the sous vide cookers.