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Diamond that adds glory to the jewelry and special one for engagement

When people think of the Wedding Rings, they always prefer diamond rings . Diamond Rings are valuable, precious and expensive. Diamonds add glory to the gold jewelry. Diamonds are the hardest form of coal. Diamonds are mined in many countries. It is also used in industrial materials as cutting blades. The key to understanding the diamond and its value is to understand the four attributes that all the diamonds profess. The first attribute is the color of the diamond, clarity of the diamond, unique cuts and carat. Diamond has its own specialty and the frequent ways to use it. It should be handled properly and it speaks for its price and values. It is the most wonderful thing that cannot be claimed by everyone.

Color of the Diamond

When it comes to Diamonds the less color the higher the grade. The diamond color scale classifies the color of the diamond from D to Z. The color of the diamond is compared with a master set of diamonds that represents the color grades on the scale. The color of the diamond is a significant element in the diamond ring.

Cutted Diamond

The quality of the diamond is estimated based on its cut. A cut scale is used to mend a round-shaped diamond. We know that the pure or original diamond has no perfect shape when it is mined from the earth. The sellers engrave the art on it and make it shine as one of the boasted stones. Five cut grades ranging from excellent to poor. The way the diamond is cut and polished directly affects the sparkle and radiance that comes off.

Carat of Diamond

The purity of the diamonds is usually measured in carats. The diamonds are placed on an electronic scale and profoundly measured in the fifth decimal place.

Ring Her

The traditional way of asking a girl/woman’s hand by men is to get down on one knee and propose with a diamond ring. The most prized diamond ring in the world is the Fred LightonVintage Engagement ring, which cost 2.5 million dollars presented by a Hollywood celebrity to his Welsh lady love. It is a ten-carat diamond set horizontally on the band. Asscher-cut Krupp engagement ring costs 8.8 million dollars. The stone is certified as a type of 11 A diamond, the most chemically pure type of diamond with special optical transparency. Bvlgari’s Blue Diamond Ring costs 9.5 million dollars. If you want to show how much your loved one means to you you can gift this because it is the rarest type of diamond in the world. It is 5.3-carat blue diamond and it is just 1% in the world. This stone is popular in the name of “The Heart Of The Ocean” which the old lady Rose drops into the ocean at the end of the film Titanic. Mariah Carey’s huge 35-carat diamond ring costs 10 million dollars. Gifting a diamond ring to your loved one explains your whole love story in different ways.