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Choose the Smartest Deals for Dubai Travels

If you are not afraid of the heat, you can plan a trip at any time of the year the number of rainy days here does not exceed 10 per year. The average daily temperature in January is +24, in July +41, and the sea is never colder than 23 degrees, so you can swim all year round. But still, the best time to travel is considered to be the period from mid-September to mid-May, when there is no sweltering heat, and sometimes it is even cool in the evenings. In the case of Dubai-Travel you need the best deals now.

Currency is best exchanged at private exchange points

No additional documents are required for this. Before you transfer money for exchange, you must definitely check for authenticity. If counterfeit banknotes are found during the exchange, this can result in serious punishment in the form of a fine or imprisonment.

In large shopping centers and restaurants, you can pay with credit cards of an international standard. However, those who are counting on a discount on the purchase of goods, it is best to have a sufficient amount of cash. In some markets and in stores they can accept US dollars, but the rate will be significantly underestimated.

Restaurants in Dubai

In restaurants, tips are not officially accepted only in elite establishments service charges can be included in the total bill. Nevertheless, in order to thank the helpful waiter, you can leave him a small cash reward in the amount of 10% of the order amount, it will be greatly appreciated.

The attitude toward alcohol in Dubai is ambiguous.

Despite the fact that each restaurant and bar offers a wide selection of drinks, their use is allowed only in specially designated places. Appearance on the street while intoxicated is a violation of public order and in some cases can result in a fine in the form of a large fine.

Travelers should consider a few local etiquette rules.

When entering a house or mosque, shoes should be removed. Accept and transfer money, food and other items should only be with his right hand.

Photographing local residents without their permission should not be

This is considered a sign of bad manners and disrespect. Women dressed in long black robes are forbidden to take pictures at all for religious reasons. Also, do not take pictures of strategically important objects police stations, the airport area or sea moorings.

Choice of Clothes

Choosing clothes for a walk should be very careful, extravagant and bright outfits, as well as too revealing clothes can cause the bewilderment of others. In too open attire visitors may not be allowed to enter religious sites and other attractions.

Dubai is a real dream for fans of active entertainment and beach holidays.

This modern and actively developing resort is perfect for families with children, many of it is open. Telephone calls to other cities and countries are best made from special vending machines, which are located near major shopping and entertainment centers. These machines operate on plastic cards, which can be purchased at newsstands or grocers. Calls from the hotel will be the most expensive.

The most suitable time for rest is the period from October to May, at which time the most favorable weather prevails. In summer, the air temperature is set at around 40 degrees. Such weather is perfect for a beach holiday, but the excursion program can be disrupted.