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If Bets: explained

If bets, when you have a sportsbook account and while placing your different kinds of bets you can come across a type of bet called the “if bets”, which is practically a great way to diversify your betting portfolio and make sure you are not leaving all the bets in one basket. Things like spread bets, Moneyline, and totals can be enough to increase diversification but if bets are pretty interesting and there is no harm to use them to get even more profit. They can be a pretty effective strategy in stopping your loss, if you have any idea about buying shares and how the stop loss strategy works, you will see how similar it is to the if bets.

While placing an if the bet you are essentially combining the two already placed bets. If you have two bets placed already and you add the condition that IF the first bet is a win, the second one should go live but IF the first bet is a loss then the second will not play out. This way the second bet is always dependent on the result of the first bet. Let’s take an example to understand this concept easily. If you are betting 150 on a team (let’s call that team Thunderwolves) and you bet that they will win then in return you will get back 250$ ( 100 profit and the original bet money placed). But if it is an IF bet then after the first win the original bet money will go towards the next bet and it will be automatically placed, for 150. Now the second bet placed will be for a new team of your choosing and you can even choose to add the profit made by the first bet into the initial bet money on your second bet.

This can be a little confusing so make sure you understand it properly, after winning the first bet you are betting again, and you have two options:

  •       bet with the original amount and take home the profit, which in this case is 100
  •       bet all the money and make the betting amount 250

after deciding that you can see the outcome of that particular bet which let’s suppose is a win too, and you get back 400 (250 which is the betting money and 150 which is the profit this time). Now you started this bet with 150 and in the end, you have 400, which means you made 250 in two bets and by using the if bet system. Now it doesn’t seem that hard right? Once you understand the basic concept all bets are really basic and easy to grasp.

Now there are three scenarios things can take a turn for:

  1. The first bet is a win and the second bet is also a win.
  2. The first bet is a win, but the second bet is a loss.
  3. The first bet is a loss and thus the second bet is not even placed.

Now we have already discussed the first scenario, in the second case there are two options, either you can lose all the money and even the profit. Or you will lose just the starting amount and keep the profits with you, which if you did you would be doing the favor to yourself by cutting your losses. Now the third scenario is where the strategy called “stop-loss” comes into play, in real life bets the initial betting amount is considerably large which also means that you are risking a lot of money by placing two separate bets. You can lose both of them and go home with a jack in your hand or you can help yourself by putting an IF bet and cutting you lose at the second bet. You do run the risk of losing the first bet but if you do the second bet will not be placed and you get to keep some amount of money to try again later.

Most bettors think that the strategy “stop-loss” and if bets are just subpar elements in the world of betting and do not deal with them but there are instances where if bets can be really helpful and can help you earn a large sum of profit in a blink of an eye. When your bankroll is shrinking rapidly, and you are finding yourself short then at that particular scenario if bets are your best friend. It is the best play at that time since you can easily cut your losses and save yourself from owning a big amount of money that you carelessly betted. If bets are not as common as spreads or Moneyline but they also have their place in the sportsbooks and play an integral part of the sports betting world which is why you should understand them and you can try them at this amazing website http://bon555.com/.